Yin Yoga Teacher Training – The Theory & Practice of Yin Yoga 30-hour Training

Do you want to gain flexibility in a safe way? Do know that flexibility is only part of the reason why you cannot do a pose? Do you want to teach yoga more intelligently? Do you want to teach a successful yoga class that brings deep relaxation to the body and mind? This is a course that enables you to achieve all of these.

Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that emphasizes on long holding of each posture as well as muscular relaxation while in the pose. As opposed to a dynamic practice such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power etc, Yin is the complete opposite. The goal of the practice is to target the joints by lengthening deep fascia surrounding them. As such, muscular relaxation will effect changes to deep tissues by creating more space in between the bones. This is a safe way of cultivating more flexibility in the body.

At the pranic level, Yin Yoga works along deep meridian channels that target the 5 primary Yin organs in the body. Each organ represents a transformational energy that keeps the body in balance and in good health. Liver (Wood Element) creates, Heart (Fire Element) dissipates, Lungs (Metal) absorbs, Kidney (Water) stores and Spleen (Earth) transforms. By holding in the pose, meridians are stimulated to effect the organs in the body.

Yin Yoga emphasizes on relaxation. Deep relaxation first comes from letting go of muscular tension in the body and penetrates to the emotional and mental layers. As each pose is done with relaxation of the muscles, it encourages the working of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is essential for deep relaxation. When the body is in a state of relaxation, it forms the basis to further practices on pranayama and meditation.
In this course, you will develop a complete understanding on the principles of Yin Yoga, the nature of your joints & its limitation, and successful teaching techniques for Yin Yoga. We have developed the programme to empower teachers to have a more complete view on developing a balanced practice for oneself and sharing yoga in the same way with students.

About the Instructor

Victor was not born with a flexible body and having learnt yoga in his late twenties did not help. He was very much practicing dynamic yoga such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa in the beginning. His body became stiff and had developed a slight hamstring and knee injury. Yin Yoga is the solution which he had found most therapeutic and healing. During this period where he had to back-off from his active nature to confront the silent nature, he developed new insights in his practice. Like many, he had his physical and emotional struggle in the beginning with Yin Yoga. However, he finds this practice most rewarding in bringing him back to his “centre”. The yoke of both his dynamic and passive nature has been discovered and developed through this practice. Victor is passionate to share his process of transformation, which has inspired many.

Testimonial Quotes:

"…I want to teach yoga that lasts for one's lifetime, as a companion, not something that is a fad or "in" thing for now. Yin Yoga training has taught me to teach with patience, and understanding". – Adeline Tien, True Yoga Singapore.

"The course gave me new ideas and helped me to see asana practice from new angles. To understand or to learn more about the range of motions in a human body and to understand the interaction of flexibility and strength will not only help me to become a better teacher but also support my own yoga practice". – Angela Burns, Bangkok, Thailand.

"The course has given me so much information to digest before I can pass it on in a proper way to students. It has really confirmed my belief that I will remain a student of yoga for all my life, even after becoming a teacher".  - Mia Öhrn, Bangkok, Thailand.

"…I like what Victor said "The art of teaching is about bridging the gap: how you can help and what you can do for your students to bring them from the stage of unknown to the stage of known.  Thus, you must understand what you are doing!" – Pim, Absolute Yoga Bangkok.

"A yoga teacher needs to inspire, motivate, educate and lead by example.
This course really inspired me to do just that. Victor really fulfilled all these qualities and I feel that I want to be able to learn from him…". - Jennifer Marostica, Singapore.

"After this 3 day course, my knowledge and understanding of Yin Yoga have improved and this gives me the confidence to teach Yin Yoga in my studio…" - Agnes Chai Meng Fong, Malaysia.

"…I get so much of this valuable information by the clear explanation and practical theory by Victor Chng. I realized the importance of the joint stress compare with the contraction of the muscles which are elasticity. I can feel the sensation of the region by holding the poses and relax my body…". - Karen Lai Kwan Wai, Malaysia.

"…I’m most grateful to have met good teachers like Victor, exposing me to the knowledge of Yin Yoga … with his profound knowledge of Chakra theories, and his excellent knowledge of body anatomy and meridian theory". – Cindy Ho, Singapore