Yin Yoga Meridian Immersion at Singapore

From Saturday 22 April 2017 -  08:00am
To Wednesday 26 April 2017 - 01:00pm

Location: Golden Miles Complex, Singapore

Meridians are “chi” pathways in the body that connects external limbs to the internal organs. There are many channels in the body documented in both Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda. Both systems profess the idea of energy pathways travelling in the body to connect the limbs with internal organs. Traditionally, precise movements have been prescribed to stimulate these pathways to bring more vitality into the organs. They can be found in traditional martial arts or internal cultivations (e.g. Chi Gong). In this workshop, we will be working on some of these pathways to awaking the meridians and to work deep in the fascia layers where the meridians dwell. 

This workshop is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their health and strengthen their internal organs. We will combine the Yin form with ancient Taoist Six Healing Sound Meditation to further awaken the organs via specific sound stimulation. The workshop will begin daily on stimulating the main meridian gateways and bring consolidation of the energy by the Six Healing Sound Meditation. Yin Meridian Yoga is a systematize practice to bring stimulation to the Yang Channels and grounding through the Yin Channels. It is a combination of Indian classical Yoga movements with Taoist Chi Gong. By working this form, you can become more open in the joints and gain internal strength.

Note : This course is a pre-requisite for anyone who would like to attend Yin Yoga Meridian Training. 

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Price :
Full Course : SGD 550
One Day Class : SGD 130