Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Meridian Series (30 hour)

Do you know that your can heal yourself?
Do you want a yoga practice that taps on your healing energy?
Do you know that your can master your energy and experience spiritual break-throughs?

This is a training that brings light to all your need to know about energy & self-healing. Tap into the power of your SELF.

In ancient India, yogis have seen 72,000 energy pathways in the energetic body (pranamaya kosha) called the "nadis". In China, the Taoists have similar ideas called the meridians. In India, the word “prana” means life-force and to the Chinese it is called "chi". These are not co-incidence findings. They are people in ancient times who have withdrawn their senses to go within themselves and realize that human body is beyond the physical.

In this training, you will be able to appreciate Yin Yoga in a level which penetrates the energetic body. Prana is what we are trying to move in this training. The meridian series are powerful sequences that attempts to remove energy blockages in the body and to enhance the functions of the meridians, major organs and chakras.

Who should attend?

Therefore, if you have been practicing yin yoga and would like to know how to unleash your healing energy from yin yoga practice, this training will serve you well.

Key Learning:

  • Understanding the Meridian Theory
  • The relationships of Five Elements & Five Major Organs
  • The Concepts of Prana & Chi
  • The relationships between Nadis & Chakras
  • Practicing powerful Yin Meridian Series
  • Developing your own sequent
  • How to teach the meridian series

About the Instructor

Victor has devoted most of his time practicing and teaching Yin Yoga since he met Paul Grilley the founder of Yin Yoga in 2004. He truly felt the depth of yin yoga after studying the ancient Chinese medicine on the Meridian Theory. In fact, the meridian series is really the beginning of his yin practice. Victor starts to formulate his practice by working along the meridians of the body. It enables him to explore with his intuitive knowledge on how to manipulate energies in the body to gain higher insight to one's consciousness. Having done this practice for a long time, Victor is compelled to share his understanding on how this practice goes beyond bringing healing to the body and mind. The power of the meridian series is about healing the entire being. Victor is well-known in Asia for his passion in yin yoga and clarity of his teaching. Victor has been teaching Yin Yoga in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Japan.